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Pre-sales FAQ's

Answer: We would encourage you to get a custom domain. We can register one for you or you can point your own existing domain to our systems. You have the option to telling us which you are planning to do when signing up. If you choose to bring your own, there is no additional cost and we will send instructions on how to point it to this system.

If we register it for you, there is an additional fee of $19 per year. We do manage and maintain this domain for you during your business with us. However, it is your property. Should you choose to terminate and/or move your domain, that is your right, and we will gladly provide you with all details necessary to do so.

Answer: Yes, no problem. Please send us an email with a Purchase Order or at least confirming via email that you want the service, along with your billing information. We can generate an invoice which you can pay by check. Once your check clears, your account will be authorized.

Answer: Accounts are renewed (via email) one month prior to the the one-year anniversary of your signup. If you do not renew by the date of your one-year anniversary, your account will be discontinued.

Answer: Yes, you can certainly re-activate your service. We do our best to keep everything; however, we can't guarantee the information you had before will still be there OR that the information you have entered will be compatible as we do upgrade the system and your "older" website may be incompatible.

Answer: You may cancel anytime. We do not and will not issue partial refunds as there is some setup work on our end, especially for first-year service. We request that you cancel before your renewal date or give us the date you wish to cancel ahead of time. However, if you must cancel after renewal, we ask that you do so within 7 days or a refund cannot be issued. Cancellations must be received through support ticket.

Upon cancellation, we can provide a backup/dump of your data if you wish, but you will not be allowed to take the design with you. There may be a fee to provide such a dump to you because this does have to be done manually by our staff. We also cannot customize the output of the dumped information. It will most likely be XML format and raw images.

Answer: We don't think so. What's yours is yours; what's ours is ours. We do not claim copyright or ownership of the content or images you put on the website. We do claim ownership and copyright over our code, our designs, our modules, and our system.We do not claim ownership over any data, text, images, floorplans, or availabilities you may produce through this system.

If you have specific examples or questions about this, please contact us. Be aware, though, that anything you upload to the internet can be obtained by those who wish to get it -- so if something is private, you should not put it on this (or any) website. Any violation or possible violation to our own copyright will result in termination of the account without refund and may warrant legal action.