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What is My Apartment Website?

My Apartment Website is a website framework that allows users to setup, control, and maintain apartment or rental property websites easily and effectively from their browser - without having to know website code! Whether you have one or many rental properties and have a few or hundreds of tenants, this program allows you to do it all from one interface.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the layout and color scheme that works best for you
  2. Customize with your logo and contact information
  3. Add your pictures, floorplans, availabilities, and policies
  4. Publish the site to your domain when you're ready!

After publishing

Why Do I Need It?

Web designs are plentiful and easy to make, but making them discoverable by major search engines is what determines how useful the webpage becomes.

Our layouts and designs guarantee your website will be indexed and searchable by popular web search engines, giving your properties more exposure!

My Apartment Website Features

Powerful Management

Maintain numerous websites from a single page. Effortlessly create and update websites.

  • Efficiently update multiple websites.
  • Assign fine-grained permissions to property managers.
  • View logs and changes to your properties.

Highly Customizable

Change the look-and-feel of your websites at any time, as often as you like!

  • Multiple layouts available, custom layouts upon request.
  • Customized color palettes and images.
  • Choose from a variety of background styles and patterns.
  • All styles are mobile-ready and cross-browser compliant.
  • If you can fill out a form, you can update your websites!

Analytics and Ticketing Functions

Analyze traffic reports, website contact leads, and track tenant ticketing.

  • Track the performance of your websites.
  • View contact leads from individual properties.
  • Tenant maintenance request system automatically built-in.

Other Features

  • Help and ticketing fuctions for tenants
  • Rental Assistance Features (Section 8)